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filenames longer than 16 characters?

tgxtgx Member Posts: 40
edited February 2018 in Builders - Toolset
Hey, so I remember there being a few limits like this. You'd end up with area names like btl_dwn_bf_scd_atk or something. And, unless you made a note of what your shortened terms actually stood for, there's a fair chance you'd forget what it all meant.

So, given that, are there plans to give us longer strings to play with? Was it a restriction on the toolset? And the scroll boxes and such? Or was it from the fact that they were still in a DOS mindset and limited themselves to 16 characters?

I'd really like 256 characters for most things. Possible? I doubt I'd even use 256, but I like the idea that I could use all that if I wanted to. So?

Edit: Oh right, and if I wasn't being clear. Not just external filenames. All the labels. I don't like heavily encrypted strings. I do like shortened stuff, but not heavily, heavily shortened stuff. Sometimes you just need space to put down what the area IS.



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