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Raelis Shai bug (spoilers?)

So I'm doing the quests for the actors. I rescue the bard haer'dalis and I get to the part where they ask for the portal gem. I double cross them and say I wont give them the gem or something like that and obviously they get angry and they end up disappearing (not the bug) I think they get trapped or taken or something because I didn't help them. Anyway, a guy walks in and tells me basically that the stage is mine now and in a few weeks he'll send a messenger for me to come back to see the actors that he's gathered for my play. Well the messenger came and said I should go to the five flagons now. I go to the inn and downstairs but the man is no where to be seen and instead Raelis Shai is standing there in front of an open portal along with a person named Lunisia and a Yuan-ti bounty hunter. I speak to Raelis and she is still asking for the portal gem so somehow the script reset or something? I don't think she should be here and I can't find the man I'm here to see.

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