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Pen and paper

MenthroMenthro Member Posts: 85
edited November 2012 in Off-Topic
Does anyone regularly try to play pen and paper D&D online with the diffrent tools available? I have found a map tool, I forget the name at the moment but it is installed somewhere, that allows you to link several people together so they can see their characters and anything they can see, etc. A few friends and I tried it a few times using the tool and ventrilo, a VOIP program, and we had a blast, but sadly children and college have forced us to stop. I was wondering if anyone on the forums tries to do this on a regular basis because I miss playing D&D a whole lot.

Edit: The program I was talking about is called RPTools MapTool. sorry for forgetting :P.


  • Arabus13Arabus13 Member Posts: 102
    I've never successfully managed to put together a group and play in that manner. When I lived in San Diego, I used to play quite regularly with a fairly stable group. Now, living in Tennessee, I'm having difficulty even putting a group together. I've tried teaching my kids, and have even attempted to DM a game with some of my kid's friends that were interested. However, the social differences between me and them grate on my nerves...a lot!

    I find that I'm a very serious role-player. I put a lot of time and effort into crafting an enjoyable experience for my players. However, the "younger generation" I've run into at the local gaming shop leaves me with much to be desired.

  • ratoaratoa Member Posts: 15
    I been looking to learn how to play PnP myself but because my schedule is tight I tried to find games online

    take a look at this site is a virtual tabletop free of charge and with video and voice support.

    For the record I havent tried it myself

  • DrugarDrugar Member Posts: 1,566

    Looks very useful. I've got a solid D&D group going atm, but some members might be moving to different countries in the coming years. This might help a lot then, thanks!

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