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CEP weapons, armor, and character models

Can somebody shoot me a link to an override that is compatible with the CEP that makes the cosmetics of this 15 year old gem easier to look at. thx.


  • TheAmethystDragonTheAmethystDragon Member Posts: 86
    Project Reforged (covers every single default NWN weapon) - You can download it all from the Vault, starting with Chain Weapons and then getting the other 7 parts, and I put it up on the Steam Workshop.

    I'll probably package it all up in a single download this weekend for the Vault.

    If you are a builder using CEP, you can also add it by putting cep2_add_reforge.hak to the custom content list of your module in the toolset (because I added it as an optional hak as of 2.63).

    There is at least one set of base character models floating around, can't remember if it's for multiple races/phenotypes. I don't remember the name of it though, but I'm sure someone else does.

    I am not aware of any armor/clothing overrides at this time.

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