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Braavosi Venetian Elven Flying City Exteriors and Interiors tilesets

LaputianBirdLaputianBird Member Posts: 103
The title doesn't reflect the actual tileset names.

I'm starting a separate thread as this series of tilesets is going to be a joint effort with another modeler.

The design plan is to create at least two versions of the exteriors, one with a more fantasy accent, that is hereby given the work-in-progress name of "Venetian/Elven Flying City Exteriors", and a second one, more realistic in design, that can go under the "Braavosi City Exteriors" name.
Interior tilesets will come in different flavors and styles to match. And so will an attached package of placeables, for greater customization freedom.

A few screenshots of the early development (bird character is often mandatory, apologies). I'm probably going to remake the textures to use a higher resolution and the new fancymap options, but the current version is already pretty sharp.

The rock borders are just placeholders at the moment, they'll be replaced with natural looking rocks



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