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Request to BD for Just a Single New Script

TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,043
edited February 2018 in Builders - Scripting
I've been keeping an eye on the new scripts as they come out and so far the one I want hasn't been included. What I actually want is a script that fixes a hole in the current script capabilities. A script that returns the amount of damage that is caused by spell attacks. Currently you can get information and amounts for all sorts of damage but for some reason not spell damage. I am talking here about the base game without nwnx so that all users can benefit.

So what would be the advantage of such a script. As an example I have an ancient 1ed Judges Guild module for character levels 1 - 3. The big bad at the end of the module is interesting. It uses a claw attack that inflicts tiny amounts of damage and can paralyse characters. This creature can suffer all normal types of damage with one exception. Any hit points that the creature would have lost due to spell damage are instead added to the creatures HP total at the time instead. Oh and the creature has no upper limit to the number of hit points they can have at any one time. In the module there was a nasty little twist - the party were given a single use twelth level magic missile spell scroll...

Getting back to my request there are similar advantages if you want to try and implement a nilbog... I am sure there must be other advantages also, so please BD implement this seemingly simple spell to the list of new scripts you are developing.


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