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Gribo's Custom content thread

Hello everyone,
Here are some screenshots of content I have made long ago for DLA. This content didn't get released at the time.



  • TinkerTinker Member Posts: 11
    edited March 2018
    I love the huts, looks amazing. Is this something that is going to be released?
  • GrymlordeGrymlorde Member Posts: 121
    Love it, just love it!
  • EldrickEldrick Member Posts: 12
  • AtrophiedericAtrophiederic Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 147
    Do you still have these floating around? Positive the community would love to see them! (And anything else you might have to offer, too!)
  • Gribo2Gribo2 Member Posts: 17
    Yes, I have all the models. I need to fix NWMAX to work on window 10. Currently, it tries to save sanity check files to the MAX scripts directory, which WIN10 doesn't like.
  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,421
    @Gribo2 I haven't seen your user name for years a real blast from the past. You certainly made quite a bit of stuff back then.

    Those look great. In the light of the upgrades BD has already made, you might consider upgrading the textures to support normal and specular maps though.

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