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Fallen Paladins/Rangers and Access to the Priest Spell Book

Etiological_MythEtiological_Myth Member Posts: 2
Hello, this is my first time using this forum (don't usually have anything of worth to contribute) - recently I created an Archer for my evil party, unaware that Archers are a class that can "fall", which of course they did. I fiddled a bit with EE Keeper and was able to restore spell casting by removing the disabling effects in the Effect section, however this does not restore the normal progression of the Archer class, nor re-enable the priest spell book.

Is it possible to use EE Keeper or Near Infinity to enable access to the Priest Spell Book for a fallen class? Furthermore, is it possible to restore normal progression and maintain the fallen status?

NB: I am fully aware of the ability to remove the fallen status through the EE Keeper, this is not what am I wish to do; I would like to keep the fallen status with access to the normal progression and spells of the class - this is for roleplay reasons as I would enjoy playing an evil ranger/archer or an evil paladin/cavalier.

Thank you for any assistance given, even if it's just to tell me it is not possible or there are alternatives to what I am asking.


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