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Tob different in EE ?

I played the original tob a very long time ago, and never finished it so far, that's why I am doing another try now.
But it was quite different in my memory : when arriving to Saradush, the town under siege, there was a very boring fight against a soldier in heavy armor who had a lot of healing potions. That's where you noticed the armors were only good at preventing critical hits but nothing else now, the fight was long and boring. Nothing like that in EE, the welcome party is just ridiculous at the "basic rules" difficulty. Plus the enemy mages were casting the 8th level spell "horrid Wilting", I had it cast against me 2 or 3 times before even reaching yagga-shura heart, and in the EE version not even once after defeating yagga-shura !
+ I remember I met some ettins (big giants with maces, but not fire giants), but not this time, don't know where they were.
It feels quite different then, I don't think it was because of mods, but I can't be 100% sure, it was a long time ago, maybe I had installed some mods which changed the general encounters and made them harder ?
Anyway it's easier now and so I should have a chance to reach the end this time !


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