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Most fun, or informative, or advantageous, targets for Domination in Siege of Dragonspear?

I figure it would be handy to keep a list on hand of maps with specific mobs that are the best targets for mind-control spells like Domination - controlling them either for the entertainment/absurdity value instead of just killing/ignoring them, or because they say interesting (Easter-eggs) or informative things, or because turning them would be a significant advantage in combat. Obviously they have to have decent probably of failing their saving throw as well. Any recommendations?



  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    In my Enchanter run, I Charmed/Dominated every named-NPC on the crusader's camp (the wizard that recognizes you, the half-orc commander, and others).

    Then I let them kill each other far away from the camp.

    That helped a lot. When the coalition attacked I had to deal only with common crusaders NPCs, I didn't even bother joining the battle.

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