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Suggestion: Diversifying the default PC event handlers

SorenSoren Member, Developer Posts: 36
As many of you probably know, PCs mechanically actually have event handlers for all the same events NPCs do (like OnDamaged, OnHeartBeat etc.), but since you can't set them manually, this fact is of little use. They all (except the OnConversation event that has nw_g0_onconversat iirc) default to the nonexistent but aptly named script “default”.

Being able to set these manually (e.g. on the module properties) would open up a lot of opportunities and I'm sure this has been requested elsewhere already (otherwise consider this a formal request!) But a solution that would be much simpler to integrate and yield almost the same opportunities would be to diversify the name of the default event handlers - for example the OnDamaged could default to nw_g0_ondamaged and so forth.

This would be a very simple way to open up a large array of opportunities for module designers.



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