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Dumb question, maybe... in which folder do I install my mods with SoD installed?

HugoRuneHugoRune Member Posts: 47
So I've just re-installed BGEE, this time with SoD, on my Windows PC and want to start a new run with a couple of mods.

Stone of Askavar
Ascalon's Quest Pack
BG1 NPC Project
Aura NPC
Sirene NPC
Unfinished Business
Tweaks Anthology

In particular the NPC mods have SoD content but I also want to have Tweaks and SCS in SoD, if possible. I have the BeamDog version of the game (not Steam or gog). I have two folders now, one's the old BGEE 00766 folder and a new 00806 folder. Both have a chitin.key file. So, where do I install my mods now? In both folders? In one of them? Does SCS and Tweaks even work for Sod?

Please help, I confuse.


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