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Looking for a mod with a dead link

Jackkel_DragonJackkel_Dragon Member Posts: 103
As I mentioned in the mod's thread, the original download link for the Helarine NPC mod died with the old BSN site. I've since been asked to re-upload the mod, but I can't find any backups of the files. So if anyone still has the mod, could I ask to have a copy sent via a PM? If nothing else, I'd like to re-upload the files to a new host and try to fix any existing bugs.


  • MateoFrozenMateoFrozen Member Posts: 76
    edited March 2018
    @Jackkel_Dragon thanks, the one who was bothering you was me >:)
    It's great that you asking this, i wanted ask myself but i did not know why there was only one link that was dead(there was possibility that you don't want share it anymore), since author requesting this there won't be a problem with people hesitate to upload it.
    Thanks once again.

  • Jackkel_DragonJackkel_Dragon Member Posts: 103
    Oh, are you the one that messaged me on Tumblr? Thanks for notifying me that the mod has been down. I hadn't even thought about it for a while, since I assumed it was uploaded somewhere that it could still be obtained from. And the original files are probably on a laptop that has been dead for years, since my working laptops don't have them.

    Since posting this thread, I've gotten two messages with the mod files attached. So I'll see to finding ways to back up those files and get it back up for download. Thanks for the quick responses!

    I'll also update the mod's original thread once I have at least a temporary download link to work with. I'll try to get that done today.

  • MateoFrozenMateoFrozen Member Posts: 76
    Yes it me. It was right decision to ask author not only i can play the mod but even the fixed version :)
    Thanks for your time.

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