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Hi all!

I'm enjoying this game deeply, I think it's a wonderful addition to the Baldur's Gate Saga, and the storytelling is... WOW.

But let's go to the point. I'm playing an evil elven cleric and I intended to romance with Dorn. I released him from the cage in the crusader camp near Bridgefort (they caged me first, but picklocked myself), I went to the hidden temple of Bhaal, back to the camp, go to Bridgefort, and my option was opening the door and slaying all the crusaders directly!

Well, after crossing the Boareskyr Bridge and get into the Chapter 10, Dorn still does not say anything remotely close to a romance chat. I went to EEKeeper, and the Global Variables say:


And that's all. No romance, no checkromance... all the other romanceable chars I have in the party have their romance variables, unactive, but there they are.

Did I make something wrong with Dorn? I do not want to continue my game without this romance... I would hate missing it.

Somebody can help me?

PS: Sorry for my english... :blush:


  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,622
    Seems like it got skipped somehow...

    Open the console and enter this (ctrl-c/v works fine with it):
    C:SetGlobal("bd_dorn_romanceactive","global",1); C:SetGlobal("bd_DornRomance1","GLOBAL",1)
    Then force talk to Dorn by selecting the "Talk" button in the bottom (or F1).

    To enable console, go to C:Users\username\Documents\\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\Baldur.lua file and add this line
    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

  • gicchogiccho Member Posts: 2
    It Works!! :heart:

    I had a conversation, something about a massage, so good... I hope the rest of the romance come next.


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