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How to remove all AOEs from Area?

How do I remove all AOEs from area and/or by specific type?

For example, boss dies and I want to remove all the AOEs he casted.


  • TerrorbleTerrorble Member Posts: 74
    In the boss's OnDeath event handle script you could add code to cycle thru the objects in the area and find any AoEs, then destroy those that were created by the boss.

    I haven't tested it, but it works... on paper :smile:

    object oArea = GetArea(OBJECT_SELF); object o = GetFirstObjectInArea(oArea); while( GetIsObjectValid(o) ) { if( GetObjectType(o) == OBJECT_TYPE_AREA_OF_EFFECT ) { if( GetAreaOfEffectCreator(o) == OBJECT_SELF ) DestroyObject(o); } o = GetNextObjectInArea(oArea); }

  • FinalStandFinalStand Member Posts: 87
    Thanks, that works. I was looking for GetFirstEffect on area which wasn't.

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