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Player how-to: Getting mods to work on BGEE



  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
    edited December 2016
    @PentiumD - I think the mod's maintainer (Smiling Imp - not to be confused with Jarno / The Imp) has not been seen for a couple of years. Is there a particular feature of the mod that interests you? There are many other mods that make particular NPCs from BG1 available in BG2, while adding new content for them. There is also the Enhanced Edition Trilogy that enables NPC continuity between BG1:EE and BG2:EE (continuity here means that if an NPC exists in both BG1:EE and BG2:EE, either originally or due to a compatible mod, then EET keeps the same NPC version across the transition, meaning all stats/skills you chose for that NPC in BG1:EE remain the same at the start of BG2:EE, if you ever had that NPC in your party -- continuity does NOT mean that a BG1:EE/SoD-exclusive NPC will be available in BG2:EE: that requires other mods in addition to EET).
  • PentiumDPentiumD Member Posts: 62
    @agb1 - Faldorn's trademeet mod is the only one that really interest me from that mod i mentioned.
  • Maxion87Maxion87 Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2016
    i dont understand, should it end up like this? mklink /H dialog.tlk .\lang\lang\dialog.tlk, cmd says it can't find the specified path. I could make the hardlink only if i left it as it is, en_US, in my case
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  • SlytherzSlytherz Member Posts: 45
    edited November 16

    I added my desired mods, and WeidU thing for the first time ever to my crappy old XP system. It was a task and a half creating that hard link, all said and done I got the mods to work in game.

    Now fast forward about 4 months and notice the screen cap I attached, this is now a laptop running Windows 10. Its possible, that t is late and I am over tired. That aside, I can not get the command prompt (Run as admin returns the same results as above) to change directories in order to initiate the mklink /H command line to make the hard link. Am I missing something? Even when I try to swap directories at initial launch when it is still set to C:
    The second Screen cap shows what my default directory is when I launch the cmd.
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