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Custom Portraits and Sound Sets for SoD on iOS

I went through the pain of learning how to add custom portraits and sound sets to BG and BGII on iOS when they released, but those tricks don't seem to be available for SoD on iPad.

Without jailbreaking the device, how do I add custom portraits and sound sets to SoD on the iPad, OS vers 11.2.6?

Siege of Dragonspear didn't show up in the list of apps in iTunes->File Sharing, which was where I hoped I'd be able to drop custom portrait .bmp and sound set files.

Is there anything that can be done?


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  • firebringerfirebringer Member Posts: 23
    That is a great article! I was able to add custom portraits by changing the extension from .zip to .bg1portrait and opening them in SoD on the iPad, but the custom sounds still aren't showing up when I change the extension from .zip to .bg1data, and then open from DropBox in SoD on the iPad.

    Is there a different extension I should be using for sound sets?
  • _Luke__Luke_ Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,518
    edited March 2018
    Try sending the sounds folder (i.e., the folder which contains the .wav files) to your iOS device:
    sounds -> (no compression) -> sounds.bg1data
  • firebringerfirebringer Member Posts: 23
    No luck. Now, I am using Winrar, which doesn't have 'No compression' as an option, so I've been using "Store" as compression type, which (by the size of the resulting .zip) looks to be the same as winzip's "no compression".

    Anybody else used WinRAR for .bg1data files?
  • firebringerfirebringer Member Posts: 23
    Ok I figured it out. I had at some point changed a WinRaR setting to include full paths with Drive letter...after I changed it back to relative paths all is well again.

    Thanks for the responses!
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