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Suggestion: Set the Instruction Limit for/by a script

prwoprwo Member Posts: 65
The Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (v74) release notes (Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition (v74).txt) mention that there is a new nwnplayer.ini option to set (increase) the Instruction Limit:
* Specifies the maximum number of scripting instructions available to run within a given script before the script is assumed to be in an infinite loop and terminated (was 131042 in NWN 1.69, minimum = 131042, maximum = 16777216)
[Script Options]
Instruction Limit=524288

Thank you so much for this option.
I often ran into the the instruction limit problem when iterating over the items in large areas.
The times-4 increase in the default compared to NWN 1.69 should already solve most issues, so I consider the following a minor thing.

However, as possibilities increase, so does demand. (Don't get me wrong: this is a good thing because it means things are getting better and new things are possible.)

Should a module still run into this problem, they would have to tell their gamers to increase the Instruction Limit in their nwnplayer.ini. That could be written into the readme of the module, it could be posted on the vault, ... but I guess people would still miss it.

I was thinking:
  • If there was a script function like GetInstructionLimit, the module could determine it on start and post a warning like "Your Instruction Limit is too low for this module. Change in in nwnplayer.ini to at least xxx.
  • If there was s script function like SetInstructionLimit, the module could set it to the value needed itself, maybe only for a script that really requires it.
  • Or maybe this could be an option to be set in the module's properties in the Toolset.

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