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Another stupid (But needed) Duel-Classing Qustion

Ok, quick question about Duel-Classing here. I wanna Duel-Class my Fighter at Level 9 to a Mage. Theoretically I can make it to Level 10 as a Mage, Becoming a Level 9 Fighter and Level 10 Mage at 250,000 Exp Each, but Only IF my Fighter EXP is EXACTLY AT 250,000. Now, as I REMBER, all EXP over the base of your current level is... discarded after you Duel-Class, but is it truly discarded, or just wasted IE, thrown away but still counted? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  • bleusteelbleusteel Member Posts: 523
    Any leftover XP is lost when you dual.

    It works like this:
    1) Start as a fighter
    2) Get 250,000 XP and advance to fighter/9. Pay attention to your XP as you get closer to 250,000. If you forget and attain 260,000, you will lose 10,000 XP when you dual
    3) Hit the dual class button and choose mage. Your mage now starts at level 1 with zero XP
    4) Get 250,000 MORE XP and advance to mage/10 and get you fighter capabilities back
  • deathgeonousdeathgeonous Member Posts: 60
    Ok, good. I was worried that if I got to Fighter Level 9 and Dueled at Like 250,026 EXP, those 26 extra EXP would somehow be counted against my total EXP total, thus making it so I would be 26 EXP SHORT of Mage 250,000 EXP. Silly, but it's better to be sure.
  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,363
    Yeah, any experience that doesn't get spent on a level up before you dual just disappears into the ether.

    It can even be a lot of experience. If you recruit a party member at a high level, they'll have a whole bunch of experience so that you can level them up as you please. You can just ignore that and dual them, in which case the experience is all wasted.
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