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What PWs would you be excited to play on again?

Similar to DrHappyAngry's thread on single player modules we all miss, what Persistent Worlds or Multiplayer Servers do you wish you could play on again?

I loved playing on all sorts of servers, but towards the end of my previous experience with NWN I was pretty into Roleplay. I had a particular fondness for the servers that featured permanent death as a mechanic, as I liked the feeling of actual danger for my character and the challenges it brought. Some of my favorites were the zombie survival servers.

Additionally, I killed a ton of time in the dungeon crawling PWs, even though I was largely doing the same thing over and over I found it so satisfying every time I found some marginally better piece of gear.

I don't remember what the servers were referred to as, or what any of the big-name ones were, but I also enjoyed the PvP servers that were set up like capture the flag - looking back, they were kind of similar to how games like DOTA and LoL work nowadays.



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