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Help with server Module

NatchNatch Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone

Now that EE is coming out me and some friends that used to play NWN 1 are planning to get back into it. We all used to play on a friends server and he ran a module where the end game was running through a battlefield of red dragons then climbing a mountain to kill more dragons. Anyone have any idea at all what that module may have been - none of us can remember!


  • FaerûnFaerûn Member Posts: 39
    I'm not familiar with the module in question but I wanted to direct you to the Neverwinter Vault as it may have what you're looking for. Feel free to poke around on there for any dragon related modules to see if they are the one you played. Alternatively, posting the same question on their forums might yield better results. If you really miss your dragon genocide adventure, I'd suggest trying to recreate the module with your friends. I'm currently in the process of doing exactly that with one of my old NWN friends and it's given me a lot of appreciation for the new update.

    Good luck!

  • NatchNatch Member Posts: 2

    I've spent a long time on the vault trying to find it. The module had a long story associated with it so it wasn't just dragonocide :D problem is I can't remember much else about it lol.

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