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Neverwinter Nights facelift haks

I could use some help. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I want to use this face lift patch.

I created a patch directory and copied the nwnpatch.ini file in the neverwinter night directory. But it doesn't seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 1,102
    This is slightly different in EE.

    Ensure that your nwn.ini file has a line

    PATCH=C:\Users\USER\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\patch

    where USER is your Windows user name and "patch" is the name of the folder containing your patch haks.

    Rename nwnpatch.ini as userpatch.ini.
  • Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,083
    nwnpatch.ini is now userpatch.ini so rename it to that and make sure it is in your install root directory where your nwnplayer.ini is.

    Inside it would look like this or if not renumbered properly if you are using more than just this hak collection.



    Then check your nwn.ini file and make sure it has a patch path to where your facelift haks are found.

    PATCH=C:\Users\Family\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak
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    But change your path to match your directory name unless you call yours Family too :)
  • raz651raz651 Member Posts: 175
    That worked. Thank you very much.
  • Drewbert_ahoyDrewbert_ahoy Member Posts: 92
    Why did they change this? The old hak folder worked perfectly fine within the installation. This is just a hassle.
  • KermobzdahKermobzdah Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2018

    Why did they change this? The old hak folder worked perfectly fine within the installation. This is just a hassle.

    Agree. If you change it the way Proleric and Sylvus_Moonbow said, it won't work in toolset instead. This is so annoying.
  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 213
    Not sure I'm understanding here: You put the .hak files in your hak folder. They will work in the Toolset. All the 'patch' part is, is to show the content of the haks in games you play without modifying them in the Toolset. What's the complaint?

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 1,102
    edited May 2018
    Kermobzdah has a valid point, but there is a simple solution.

    In my example, I put the patch haks in the patch folder, which is traditional. If you are a player, that works fine.

    However, now you can put them in the hak folder instead. In that case, nwn.ini needs to read

    PATCH=C:\Users\USER\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak

    That allows a builder to include a hak in their module via the toolset, even though it's already a patch hak. Not sure why anyone would need to do that, but it works.

    I know because OCD drove me to put all my haks in one folder.

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 213
    @Proleric sure, that's what I've done too. My patch ini simply points to the hak folder, and spells out which haks therein to use as Patch.

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