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Quick Proficiency Question

So I started a new SoD run and was trying out a Paladin. Rolled up the following:
Str. 18/81
Dex. 12
Con. 17
Int. 11
Wis. 13
Cha. 17

It lets me spend points on Two Handed weapon style but then Maxes out at Long Sword, it won't give me any options to spend proficency points in two handed swords, is there a problem with a Stat?

I have looked everywhere for an answer, but everything I'm seeing looks like the only real limitation should be Not being able to attain anything above Mastery. I'm playing SoD through an EET install, and wasn't thinking that should matter but I could certainly be wrong.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    Paladins are allowed two handed swords. Are you using any mods?
  • BloodstoneBloodstone Member Posts: 99
    Yes, but it's an EET install so I'm using bunch of Mods. I can post the Weidu if that would help. I didn't understand it and assumed maybe one of my Attributes was to low. Wierd cause it let's me choose two handed style but not the actual sword, or even a bastard sword for that fact
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    My guess is that it is either a mod changing how proficiencies work, or a mod bug. I'm not familiar enough with EET to be able to help you there. My usual troubleshooting method is to uninstall mods one by one to see what fixes it, but I don't know how big your EET install is.
  • BloodstoneBloodstone Member Posts: 99
    Thanks for the Advice, I appreciate you trying to help. I'm sure there is a Mod conflict somewhere
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