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[MOD] Bubb's Auto Looting

BubbBubb Member Posts: 834
edited March 2018 in UI Modding


This mod seeks to make looting easier. Features include filtering automatic-looting by critical item, weapon enchantment level, gold, price, and price per weight. For the moment auto-looting only pertains to on-ground items. The main goal of this mod is to reduce the amount of items the player misses and leaves on the ground, especially small piles of gold. Due to limitations of the engine, automatically picked up items can only be transferred to the currently selected leader. This mod only supports BG2EE at the moment, though if there is demand I will attempt to port it. If anyone has any suggestions for additional filters, I would be happy to see about implementing them.



In the bottom left-hand corner of the world screen you will see a new button. This button opens up the Auto Loot options menu. In this menu you can turn on and off all the different filters, as well as tweak several filter's values to greater suit your looting needs. By default auto looting is off.


Download the zip file attached to this post, and copy the contents into your BG2EE's base folder. Run the setup-bubb_auto_loot.exe, and you are good to go!



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