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SoD on Amazon Fire HD 10

I was wondering if anyone knows how well SoD runs on an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet? I understand that it is easy enough to install the google play store and then SoD, and I am aware that the Amazon Fire HD 10 has the minimum specs necessary to run BG:EE and SoD, but I specifically want to know if anyone finds that the game lags on this tablet?

Unless SoD runs buttery smooth with no performance slowdowns or issues during battles, I may buy a new IPad instead. But if someone can let me know their experiences with the Fire HD 10 and SoD, then I may be able to save a hundred dollars or so. Please let me know your thoughts.


  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 221
    edited April 2018
    I have no idea how it runs on Amazon Fire HD 10, but I can tell you that the "minimum" that Beamdog set is bad, at least on my Nexus 7. All the extras that were added to SoD (which look awesome) create a LOT of slowdown, I'm talking like 50% slowdown here.

    Honestly, Beamdog needs to re-evaluate the minimum here; since you can't really turn down many settings, if someone buys SoD thinking their tablet can run it, they are SOL if they end up with a device like mine which can "run" it but at a consistent and extreme slowdown.

    Short answer: don't count on the minimum, try to base your tablet needs off of whatever is the "recommended."

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