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Redundant Items - Early Treasure Options (Spoilers)

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,504
Not sure if Beamdog has the leeway or desire, but I'd like to see some of the early treasure options tweaked for redundancy. I understand every party makeup has different needs, and every piece of gear shouldn't be *great*... and things can be sold... ok, all that said, some early treasure is simply redundant. Here's an example:

Mirek - Heirloom Quest - Reward, +1 Sling

Hjollder House in Easthaven - Doorway, +1 Sling

That's two +1 Slings, just a feet from each other, which makes the +1 Sling Mirek gives you pretty useless... unless by insane chance you have two Sling users in your party. How about a +1 Club from Hjolder's closet instead?

Crypt - Vale of Shadows - Casket
Gold Ring
Bastard Sword
Spells - Infravision (Mage)
Protection from Evil (Mage)
Potion of Infravision
Chainmail +1

Two instances of Infravision (Potion and Scroll) in one treasure group... Holy redundant! Not to mention infravision is an utterly useless ability in Infinity Engine games... How about switching out the potion for a curative or something else? There's plenty of other infravision pots later on, so I doubt this early one would be missed.

Just thoughts...

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