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Help with mod selection (Immersive story mods no higher difficulty than vanilla).

Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 27
edited April 2018 in BG:EE Mods
I need some help with mod selection from Big World setup of BG1 (and BG2 but that is not necessary at the moment)
I am going to start yet another playthrough of BG1 and BG2. In this one I want to focus mainly on role-play aspects of the game.
I am not going to declare that I am going to do ironman challenge (I completed only BG1 ironman in the past) as I don’t have as much patience anymore to replay the whole game in case my main will die. However, my secondary aim after role-playing that game is to not die a single time (If I die I will reload but I’m going try not to die). I am going to play very slow and careful but there will be some challenges to me because I won’t be preparing for fights where my party has no reason to prepare and I still want not to die. Therefore, I rather want to keep the game easy. Nevertheless, I’m going to install most of ‘smarter enemies’ components but none of ‘stronger enemies’

So, basically, I want to grab a number of quality mods but only the kind that don’t add tough enemies.

For example, I remember playing Ascalons quest pack and I really enjoyed it but I don’t know yet if I am going to install it this time because I remember that the final challenge, even though it is not very difficult, it is still noticeably harder then most of the vanilla quests, the dwarfs in the mines are considerably stronger than most other dwarf enemies and they come in large quantities. I wouldn’t mind if there was a party of 10 elite dwarfs at the end to defeat but they are spread all over the mines and fighting them can become a little bit tedious (especially when behind every corner there is a rogue waiting to backstab me).
This is just an example, I may still install it (I didn’t make my mind yet) but I am really looking for mods that perfectly fit to vanilla with their difficulty.

Could you recommend me some mods?

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