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Ascension Final Battle Bugs - any insight?

PhototoxinPhototoxin Member Posts: 23
So I finally caved to peer pressure (thanks internet!) and installed Ascension which was great - epic powers much pwnage.

However in the final battle vs A I ended up in the throne of Bhaal demiplane, no monsters, no Mel, no bridges to the pools of power. I managed to Ctrl+J over to activate each in turn (awesome battles). Found Irenicus and recruited Bodhi.

However even after unconnecting all 3 pools nothing.

I ended up summoning via console C:CreateCreature("FINMEL01.cre" and then having to use C:SetGlobal("FinalFight","AR6200",6 to trigger the final battle vs Mel and the five.

What I want to know is if this is a known bug, is there something I've done wrong or can do to fix this?

I had only one issue which was with the 2nd pocketplane trial (vs the mirror of yourself) where it didn't count all the deaths so I consoled to set it to stage 2 and it retriggered and I killed them all again but I doubt this would effect the scripys/triggers in the final area.

Does anyone have any insight? I'm not a scripter/programmer but am happy tinkering with stuff.

PS: Balthazar is a goblin phallus :open_mouth:

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