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How do I stop romances via console commands or other means?

So I finished SoA and started ToB, and suddenly now I am romanced to both Viconia and Jaheira without romancing them in SoA.

I think it is one of the mods which've dunnit, but the question now is how do I stop the romances via console commands or EE keeper?

Here are the mods:

NPC flirt.



Unfinished Business

Romantic Encounters

Thanks in advance.


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513

    That will set it to ended for good, can tweak as desired with the options below.

    0 – romance was never started,
    1 – romance is progressing,
    2 – romance lives, NPC is finally in love with you,
    3 – romance is dead for good.

  • mademan2mademan2 Member Posts: 6
    Would this work for any character? Even modded ones? Not sure if mod companions count towards romance as well.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 263
    How mod companion romances work? That depends on the romance, and how it's coded. Many mod companions are given romance plots, which of course must be written by the mod creator. But, if they're sensible about it, they'll have a "_____RomanceActive" global variable set up in the same way. You can always check to see if one is defined by examining the save in EEKeeper or the like.

  • mademan2mademan2 Member Posts: 6
    edited September 8
    I actually do have eekeeper, but where would I find this information there? Its a mod fo BGEE, I heard the romances work a bit differently in the first game?

    Thanks for answering.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 263
    When you open the save, there's a tab for global variables. Open it up, and scroll down the list until you find the relevant one.
    While romances may work differently in BGEE than BG2EE (since they're not in the unmodded pre-EE game), there's no reason not to have that particular global variable controlling things. I know it's used for the EE romances.

  • mademan2mademan2 Member Posts: 6
    Found it, thanks bunches.

    Now, if the romances with Neera didnt start because I was already "in relationship" with Ishlilka, should I add a line for her romance to be at 1 or will I have the chance to start it now? Even tho I talked to her a few times?
    Basically if I change the status with Ishlilka to 3, as in ended, will I be able to start to romance Neera? Or do I have to cheese that too?

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