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Evil Wizard Construct Fix, am I screwed?

I had to reload the fight against the Evil Wizard in the modron maze and just hammered through the dialog, apparently I missed the director dialog path required to upgrade Nordom.

In old PST the Evil Wizard Construct could be talked to again if you just reset the dungeon. This could even be used as an exploit to reset the upgrade path and get it several times, but it's been fixed in the EE version.

However, the fix makes the wizard just shut down any attempts to question him further, making it impossible to get the dialog required to upgrade Nodrom if you didn't do so on the first try.

So what I'm asking is: Is there any way to force trigger it? I've been using quicksaves so I don't have any save to fall back to :( and I'd hate not to get to fully explore Nordom.

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