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EffectDamageImmunityDecrease() appears to have no effect against gear with immunity

This is part of an aura one of my bosses has. I put an armor with 100% immunity to the damages in the script below. The EffectDamageImmunityDecrease does not work on EE but works fine in 1.69. I normally use horrific appearance AOE but i put frost on here so i could see borderline for aura.

iImmuneDecrease = 100;
iACDecrease = 50;
iEffectDecrease = 20;
iSavesDecrease = 20;

//Declare major variables
effect eAcid = EffectDamageImmunityDecrease(DAMAGE_TYPE_ACID,iImmuneDecrease);
effect eFire = EffectDamageImmunityDecrease(DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE,iImmuneDecrease);
effect eCold = EffectDamageImmunityDecrease(DAMAGE_TYPE_COLD,iImmuneDecrease);
effect eElectric = EffectDamageImmunityDecrease(DAMAGE_TYPE_ELECTRICAL,iImmuneDecrease);
effect eAC = EffectACDecrease(iACDecrease,AC_NATURAL_BONUS,AC_VS_DAMAGE_TYPE_ALL);
effect eSpellR = EffectSpellResistanceDecrease(iEffectDecrease);
effect eSave = EffectSavingThrowDecrease(SAVING_THROW_ALL,iSavesDecrease,SAVING_THROW_TYPE_ALL);
effect eDur = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_DUR_SMOKE);
effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_IMP_HEAD_EVIL);

effect eLink1 = EffectLinkEffects(eAcid, eFire);
effect eLink2 = EffectLinkEffects(eCold, eLink1);
effect eLink3 = EffectLinkEffects(eElectric, eLink2);
effect eLink4 = EffectLinkEffects(eAC, eLink3);
effect eLink5 = EffectLinkEffects(eSpellR, eLink4);
effect eLink6 = EffectLinkEffects(eSave, eLink5);
effect eLink = EffectLinkEffects(eDur, eLink6);

//Entering object must make a will save or be blinded for the duration.
object oTarget = GetEnteringObject();
if(GetIsEnemy(oTarget, GetAreaOfEffectCreator()))
//Fire cast spell at event for the specified target
SignalEvent(oTarget, EventSpellCastAt(GetAreaOfEffectCreator(), AOE_MOB_FROST));
ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eVis, oTarget);
ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eLink, oTarget, RoundsToSeconds(12));


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