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Using a Stylus?

I just had the thought that using a stylus with BG could be really beneficial. Aside from manipulating the smaller items in inventory, a stylus might make it easier to manage large battles when lots of spells are being cast, with lots of pausing and starting. Anyone use a stylus out there?


  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    I've got a stylus, but I don't think it'll be needed in BG.
    I've used mine for a bit of (bad) drawing, and tried a few note taking apps, not with very much success.

  • Kang54Kang54 Member Posts: 58
    I have a stylus and I love it so very much. Tablets may be designed for fingers, but for me there's no comparison: the stylus rules supreme. I'll definitely be using it for BG. There's just so much more precision, more varied hand positions (= can play for longer without the hand staring to cramp), *no finger smudges* (seriously, how can people live with the finger smudges?)...

  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    I'm used to finger smudges ;)
    Hmmm maybe I'll look into getting a stylus, they aren't very expensive. My fingers do get cramped after playing a few games, or scrolling when reading.

  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    I use a micro fiber cloth for removal of smudges. Works a charm.
    As for cramps in your fingers, I'm wondering what games you guys are playing... :-)
    Never had that problem myself, however, I've used a Targos Stand for the last two years, so it can rest comfortable on my lap with a choice of three different angles, only slightly supporting the iPad with one hand while reading/surfing/playing...

  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 683
    i would make stylus a mandatory accessory for tablets. i'm using it on galaxy note 10.1 and it is GREAT alternative, not to mention precision tool :)

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The stylus might be useful for inventory management, but anything that requires multi-touch (such as zooming or scrolling, for example) will still need two points of contact, meaning a stylus won't be sufficient.

    Man, I really need to get myself a tablet...

  • WolfheartWolfheart Member Posts: 170
    I just hope there's an option to use a good ol fashioned keyboard ^^*

  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    I have never had any use of a stylus with my iPad's, except from the aforementioned drawing apps.
    Games, if they're made properly for tablets is extremely easy to control with my fingers, the whole point of the tablet experience is the tactile touch you have with the app or game you're using. If you're using a stylus, it almost defeats the purpose in a way.

    I remember, many moons ago, when I used a mouse for the first time, when windows 3.1 was released, (yes, i know, im old), and it wasn't like an extended hand as people told me it would be, it was very disorientating for the first hour.
    It was a learning experience.

    Not so with my iPad. When I got my iPad 1 three years ago, I instinctly knew how to use every app and control every game via touch or swipe.
    Multitouch like pinching was like a revelation to me.

    So, no, a stylus won't be any better for a game like BG:EE, at least not to me.. :)

  • GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
    I'll use it. The stylus is also better I find for some of the action titles. Faster/ more precise.

  • BigityBigity Member Posts: 98
    Wolfheart said:

    I just hope there's an option to use a good ol fashioned keyboard ^^*

    Hmm, good point. I have a bluetooth keyboard, I wonder how much it would work, if at all.

  • SofaJockeySofaJockey Member Posts: 7
    I like to use a Bamboo stylus with my iPad (using one now) - I mean the brand not the stick :-)
    Very comfortable. I'm sure no issues with fingers but a stylus is nice for power-performance.

    Waiting for the download to complete before getting stuck in...

  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    It'll be interesting to see if a stylus makes any difference. I just finished downloading about an hour ago. So far I have only tried out the tutorial and the touch interface will take a little getting used to.

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