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What spells does the EE Advanced AI never cast?

NervaNerva Member Posts: 133
On the whole I've been pretty happy with the EE "Advanced AI", particularly the way it will mix attacks with casting spells. What I've noticed is the AI also has the good sense to not cast area-of-effect spells like Fireball that cause indiscriminate damage (i.e. potential for friendly-fire). I'm wondering if people can list all the other spells (or types of spells) the EE-AI never casts? If a caster is injured, for example, does it cast invisibility on itself and then avoid combat, etc?

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  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 816
    I agree that the advanced AI script does a pretty good job. While it's pretty hard to compile a list of instances where the advanced AI script does NOT do something, it is easy enough to extract all the spells it can cast. Here's the list, if you are interested:
    ARCHER_CALL_SHOT // SPCL121.SPL (Called Shot)
    BARBARIAN_RAGE // SPCL152.SPL (Barbarian Rage)
    BERSERKER_RAGE // SPCL321.SPL (Enrage)
    BLADE_DEFENSIVE_SPIN // SPCL522.SPL (Defensive Spin)
    BLADE_OFFENSIVE_SPIN // SPCL521.SPL (Offensive Spin)
    CLERIC_ARMOR_OF_FAITH // SPPR111.SPL (Armor of Faith)
    CLERIC_BARKSKIN // SPPR202.SPL (Barkskin)
    CLERIC_BLESS // SPPR101.SPL (Bless)
    CLERIC_CHANT // SPPR203.SPL (Chant)
    CLERIC_CHARM_PERSON // SPPR204.SPL (Charm Person or Mammal)
    CLERIC_COMMAND // SPPR102.SPL (Command)
    CLERIC_CURE_CRITICAL_WOUNDS // SPPR502.SPL (Cure Critical Wounds)
    CLERIC_CURE_DISEASE // SPPR317.SPL (Cure Disease)
    CLERIC_CURE_LIGHT_WOUNDS // SPPR103.SPL (Cure Light Wounds)
    CLERIC_CURE_MEDIUM_WOUNDS // SPPR315.SPL (Cure Medium Wounds)
    CLERIC_CURE_SERIOUS_WOUNDS // SPPR401.SPL (Cure Serious Wounds)
    CLERIC_DEFENSIVE_HARMONY // SPPR406.SPL (Defensive Harmony)
    CLERIC_DRAW_UPON_HOLY_MIGHT // SPPR214.SPL (Draw Upon Holy Might)
    CLERIC_HOLD_PERSON // SPPR208.SPL (Hold Person)
    CLERIC_IRONSKIN // SPPR506.SPL (Iron Skins)
    CLERIC_LESSER_RESTORATION // SPPR417.SPL (Lesser Restoration)
    CLERIC_MASS_CURE // SPPR514.SPL (Mass Cure)
    CLERIC_MENTAL_DOMINATION // SPPR405.SPL (Mental Domination)
    CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
    CLERIC_NEUTRALIZE_POISON // SPPR404.SPL (Neutralize Poison)
    CLERIC_PROTECTION_FROM_EVIL_10_FOOT // SPPR408.SPL (Protection From Evil, 10' Radius)
    CLERIC_PROTECT_FROM_EVIL // SPPR107.SPL (Protection From Evil)
    CLERIC_RAISE_DEAD // SPPR504.SPL (Raise Dead)
    CLERIC_RECALL_SPIRIT // SPPR550.SPL (Recall Spirit)
    CLERIC_REMOVE_FEAR // SPPR108.SPL (Remove Fear)
    CLERIC_REMOVE_PARALYSIS // SPPR308.SPL (Remove Paralysis)
    CLERIC_RESTORATION // SPPR713.SPL (Greater Restoration)
    CLERIC_RESURRECTION // SPPR712.SPL (Resurrection)
    CLERIC_SANCTUARY // SPPR109.SPL (Sanctuary)
    CLERIC_SLOW_POISON // SPPR212.SPL (Slow Poison)
    CLERIC_SPIRITUAL_CLARITY // SPPR350.SPL (Spiritual Clarity)
    CLERIC_ZONE_OF_SWEET_AIR // SPPR318.SPL (Zone of Sweet Air)
    INQUIS_TRUE_SIGHT // SPCL232.SPL (True Sight)
    KENSAI_KIA // SPCL144.SPL (Kai)
    LATHANDER_BOON // SPCL741.SPL (Boon of Lathander)
    MONK_LAY_ON_HANDS // SPCL815.SPL (Lay On Hands)
    PALADIN_LAY_ON_HANDS // SPCL211.SPL (Lay On Hands)
    PALADIN_PROTECTION_FROM_EVIL // SPCL213.SPL (Protection From Evil)
    RANGER_CHARM_ANIMAL // SPCL311.SPL (Charm Animal)
    SPDWD02 // Defensive Stance
    SPIN101 // Cure Light Wounds
    SPIN102 // Slow Poison
    SPIN103 // Draw Upon Holy Might
    SPIN104 // Larloch's Minor Drain
    SPIN105 // Horror
    SPIN106 // Vampiric Touch
    WIZARD_ARMOR // SPWI102.SPL (Armor)
    WIZARD_BLINDNESS // SPWI106.SPL (Blindness)
    WIZARD_BREACH // SPWI513.SPL (Breach)
    WIZARD_BURNING_HANDS // SPWI103.SPL (Burning Hands)
    WIZARD_CHAOS_SHIELD // SPWI222.SPL (Chaos Shield)
    WIZARD_CHROMATIC_ORB // SPWI118.SPL (Chromatic Orb)
    WIZARD_CONFUSION // SPWI401.SPL (Confusion)
    WIZARD_DETECT_INVISIBILITY // SPWI203.SPL (Detect Invisibility)
    WIZARD_FIREBALL // SPWI304.SPL (Fireball)
    WIZARD_FLAME_ARROW // SPWI303.SPL (Flame Arrow)
    WIZARD_GLITTERDUST // SPWI224.SPL (Glitterdust)
    WIZARD_HASTE // SPWI305.SPL (Haste)
    WIZARD_HOLD_PERSON // SPWI306.SPL (Hold Person)
    WIZARD_HORROR // SPWI205.SPL (Horror)
    WIZARD_LARLOCH_MINOR_DRAIN // SPWI119.SPL (Larloch's Minor Drain)
    WIZARD_MAGIC_MISSILE // SPWI112.SPL (Magic Missile)
    WIZARD_MELF_ACID_ARROW // SPWI211.SPL (Melf's Acid Arrow)
    WIZARD_MELF_METEOR // SPWI325.SPL (Melf's Minute Meteors)
    WIZARD_MINOR_GLOBE_OF_INVULNERABILITY // SPWI406.SPL (Minor Globe of Invulnerability)
    WIZARD_MIRROR_IMAGE // SPWI212.SPL (Mirror Image)
    WIZARD_MONSTER_SUMMONING_2 // SPWI407.SPL (Monster Summoning II)
    WIZARD_PIERCE_MAGIC // SPWI608.SPL (Pierce Magic)
    WIZARD_PIERCE_SHIELD // SPWI805.SPL (Pierce Shield)
    WIZARD_RAY_OF_ENFEEBLEMENT // SPWI221.SPL (Ray of Enfeeblement)
    WIZARD_RESIST_FEAR // SPWI210.SPL (Resist Fear)
    WIZARD_RUBY_RAY_OF_REVERSAL // SPWI704.SPL (Ruby Ray Of Reversal)
    WIZARD_SECRET_WORD // SPWI419.SPL (Secret Word)
    WIZARD_SHIELD // SPWI114.SPL (Shield)
    WIZARD_SLOW // SPWI312.SPL (Slow)
    WIZARD_SPELL_STRIKE // SPWI903.SPL (Spellstrike)
    WIZARD_SPELL_THRUST // SPWI321.SPL (Spell Thrust)
    WIZARD_SPOOK // SPWI125.SPL (Spook)
    WIZARD_STONE_SKIN // SPWI408.SPL (Stoneskin)
    WIZARD_VOCALIZE // SPWI219.SPL (Vocalize)
    WIZARD_WARDING_WHIP // SPWI705.SPL (Khelben's Warding Whip)

    This is a pretty good list, in my opinion. While it generally lacks AoE spells, it surprises me that it does contain Fireball; apparently the script will cast it if it is certain it won't hit any friendly / neutral creatures. I find it interesting that the script lacks invisibility, and pretty much any summoning. It will specifically cast monster summoning II and only monster summoning II... a very odd choice imo. It seems to me the script has 4 main modes: Casting (mostly) single-target attack spells on enemies, debuffing enemies, defending / healing the party, and buffing the party.

  • NervaNerva Member Posts: 133
    Thanks for posting that. Interesting that it has Fireball but not Skull Trap. I've got Skull Trap memorized at the moment but I will have to give it Fireball and see what it does with it.

    In general I'm pretty impressed by how the advanced script will intelligently use spells in the right situation. I thought it didn't use Breach until one battle it used it on one of the stronger enemies.

  • NervaNerva Member Posts: 133
    Interesting -- apparently the answer to this is more complex than just what's on that list, because I've seen the Advanced AI cast Holy Smite all the time, even though it isn't on the list.

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 816
    Hmm, you are correct. I thought for certain that BDDEFAI was the only advanced AI script, but it turns out that the game does assign certain NPCs special versions of this script, with extra functionalities attached. Specifically in SoD, it looks like Glint will cast Holy Smite using his advanced AI script. The list I compiled earlier should still hold true for charname, though NPCs might cast more spells. You learn something new every day!

  • NervaNerva Member Posts: 133
    It would be nice if they would continue to improve the script in their patches -- there are a lot of spells that would be feasible to add.

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