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Haer'dalis Quest bug

Having an issue with the main Haer'dalis quest. I can get the portal gem, free him from Mekrath and can let him join my party. If I don't let him join my party he disappears. When we go back to the Five Flagon's Inn, all the Players including Raelis are gone. I can use the console to spawn Raelis and begin to portal summoning, but that process bugs out when the bounty hunter shows up, the game tries to switch from combat to dialog mode, but then just locks up. I have Shadowkeeper and the console if anyone has suggestions.


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 1,941
    Did you somehow get the portal gem before freeing Haer'Dalis?

    And does he say "It should be on Mekrath's altar... Should you retrieve it, I will be with my mistress at the playhouse under the Five Flagons, waiting anxiously for its return. May we meet again..." before disappearing?

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 1,986

    Don't give him the gem. You can get it before freeing him I think, but do not give it to him. Then they have to wait for you to turn up at the theater with it.

  • FragalatorFragalator Member Posts: 2
    Tried with various combos:

    Got gem first, freed Haer, let him join, returned to 5 Flagons, no Raelis
    Got gem first, freed Haer, did not let him join, returned to 5 Flagons, no Raelis
    Freed Haer first, let him join, got gem, returned to Inn, no Raelis
    Freed Haer first, did not let him join, got gem, returned to Inn, no Raelis

    Using the console works to respawn Raelis, she'll go through the portal summoning, but when the bounty hunter shows up, Raelis disappears. Gonna try using ShadowKeeper to change the Global Variables to see if resetting the whole quest works.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 1,986

    That's not working properly then.
    Did you actually get the quest from Raelis? Because you can access the lair just from the sewers.

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