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Question - Has someone built a wheelchair item for NWN that can hold a player or npc?

Title says it all. Asking because of a nodule I have in the planning stages.


  • ZwerkulesZwerkules Member Posts: 112
    I have seen a wheelchair. It might have been one of Töml's projects. You can easily make it possible for a PC/NPC to sit in it if it has the right size, but it would take some face tricks with tail models to make an NPC move in it and it probably would look all wrong.
  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 1,075
    This isn't quite what you want, but perhaps it might inspire someone with better modelling skills than mine. We could really use a creature appearance that included wheels that turn, for all sorts of reasons.

  • deejrandomdeejrandom Member Posts: 23
    That sled might work. I am planning out the module modules soon so I I'll keep both your comments in mind. Thanks!
  • NWN_TömlNWN_Töml Member Posts: 90
    Hi there,

    yes i have a wheelchair complete. I will upload the plc.mdl for you today on the vault and post a link here.
    But you might have to do some modeling yourself...

  • NWN_TömlNWN_Töml Member Posts: 90
    So sorry...been a while. Shoult be uploaded by tomorrow on the NWvault if it is still needed!
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