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Watcher's keep, first level, game breaking bug

ShadowHoundShadowHound Member Posts: 3
I'm on the first level of watcher's keep, I've done everything, finished the ritual and opened the portal but when I try to enter it, I get the following "somehow, the statues defending the portal are preventing you from entering it".

I suppose it's a bug due to some statues diseapearing. I would do the whole level again but the problem is that I went outside so the auto-save is doomed and my last save goes way back.

Is there anything else I could do? Or my run is over?


I probably located the statue, which is stuck behind the kitchen door (because it won't close)
Only I have to way of interacting with it (no red circle, AoE spells are ineffective and summons don't detect it)

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  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 859
    I've never experienced anything like this bug, but using the "guard" functionality, (shield button on the quickbar of fighter-types that don't have any caster or thief levels), can often break targeting rules and let you attack enemies you otherwise couldn't. For example: if you have an archer "guard" Mazzy during her fight with Gorf, the archer can fire down into the arena. You can also use guard to assist with the druid grove challenge and to attack enemies just out of your line of sight on the walls of Saradush.

    Not sure if it'll help you here, but could be worth trying. There are two ways to use it: you can either click "guard" and then click on a party member, and your fighter will then attack anyone who gets near that member. Or you can click "guard", click and drag along the ground to create a circle, and the party member will defend that circle from any enemies that enter. I'd guess the latter method would be more likely to succeed, but try them both.

  • ShadowHoundShadowHound Member Posts: 3
    I have tried this method and it didn't work because the enemy seem completely "out of plane"
    I activated the console, tired several commands. All of them fruitless.

    So I just resigned to teleport my party to the next level and now I can continue my run.

    So my advise to you, when in watchers keep and fighting the statues, don't hide behind closed doors cause they will get stuck. (But I kinda had to cause I'm playing on LoB :p)

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