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Is Thirrim (or another potion vendor) around after Boereskyr Bridge?

I've got a bunch of loot to sell for cash, and wanted to pick up Storm Giant and other potions, but I see Nazramu in chapter 10 "buys high and sells high" so he's the best vendor to sell loot to, so normally it would make sense to sell everything to him -- but what's the potion selection like at the Coalition Camp?


  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 596
    edited April 2018
    I'm bad with names but In the siege camp there is a black market seller that sells fenced items, Jebb shows up ( the blacksmith from the Boeresksyr bridge), the flaming fist supplier is also available plus the genie that you can bring up with the eyeglasses. As for specialized potion dealers... I don't think so but the underground caverns beneath Dragonspear castle has a potion dealer with pretty much everything you could want. This guy deals with potions only. The various dealers at the coalition camp do cover the basics though. The flaming fist supplier (can't remember his name) has a potion supply that is pretty good.

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