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The Arrangement of the Dragon's Eye Levels - Fourth Level First? (Spoilers)

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,504
Some people hate the Dragon's Eye Dungeon. I always thought it was really cool - especially Yxunomei. The one thing that always bugged me however was level 4.

The fake Eldathyn temple might be a good ruse... if it wasn't 4 levels down! I always thought it would have made much more sense to put such a level (which obviously took a great deal of forethought and construction by the evil forces behind it) on the 1st level of the complex. Try to convince people that it was just a friendly temple trying to exist in the harsh mountains. To put it so deep below already encountered evil... how the hell are these guys not wiped out? No one would believe that, right? It'd also make sense that they are eating people on floor 1 (hidden) but imprisoning them further in the complex. If level 4 was level 1, then 1-3, 5 were levels 2-5 I think it might flow better? I dunno. It makes me wonder if it was always planned this way, or if they changed the order for some reason.

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