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Hello! Does BG2EE contain fixes and\or additions from ToBEx?

AvGurAvGur Member Posts: 17
There is exceptionaly fine mod for BG2 .exe file called ToBEx
detailed references of what You can do with it, recomended

I'm curious, does EE version contain ToBEx most interesting (IMHO) components? If not, then admins better to say about it to developers, couse it's the best possible fixes and additions to game mechanics.
If You are not sure about some components, please dont hesitate to share Your soughts. Thanks

-Apply Concentration Check On Damage [WIP]
Instead of always being interrupted when hit, spellcasters have a chance of their spells being interrupted.
This is governed by a concentration check.
A spellcaster passes the concentration check if (1D20 + luck) > (spell level + damage taken).
The details of this component are subject to change.

-Awaken On Damage
Creatures will awaken from sleep when hit.

-Disable Stoneskin Grey Colour [C]
Removes grey colour change to a character who has cast Stoneskin.
[C] This component is identical to tob_hacks, SCS, and SCSII.

-No Spell Interruption On Zero Damage
Spellcasting is not interrupted if a creature takes zero damage (i.e. immune).

-Disable Silence On Charm
This component does two things:
1. Prevents creatures from losing their soundset when they are charmed.
2. Enables the player to start dialogue with charmed creatures.

-Remain Hidden On Pickpocket Success [C]
If a character is invisible or improved invisible, a successful pickpocket does not break invisibility.
Hide In Shadows will still terminate at the end of the round.
[C] This component is NOT compatible with tob_hacks.

-Interrupted Rest Advance Time
If resting is interrupted by spawns, a random amount of time up to, but not including, eight hours will pass.
All resting times of one hour or greater will display in the dialogue bar. Resting times less than one hour will not display in the dialogue bar.

-Enable Animation Attack Sounds
This component enables animation-specific attack sounds, which makes combat a little more polyphonic... perhaps musical, or messy.

-Drop Inventory on Disintegrate/Frozen Death/Stone Death
In three separate components, whenever a creature dies by disintegration, shattering cold, or shattering petrification, all inventory is dropped just like dying normally.

-Make All Attack Animations Genuine Attacks
Removes all the 'fake' attacks, where creatures would display an attack animation, but would not actually roll to hit.

With X/2 attacks, the attack that occurs once every two rounds now always occurs every two rounds (rather than a random probability of the attack taking place every single round)
With 3/2 attacks, the attack that occurs once every two rounds now always uses the offhand if an offhand weapon is present (rather than the offhand never being used)

TobEx fixes an exploit where players could intend to initiate dialogue with a neutral creature, cancel their action, and then perform a hostile action instead, resulting in the creature wasting up to 10 seconds doing nothing before becoming hostile.

TobEx extends the limit of rows in all the random treasure 2DA files from 10 to 99

TobEx allows modmakers to customise the percentage weight that defines low and high encumbrance through ENCUMBER.2DA

Animation Sequences when Using Items
Expanding ITEMANIM.2DA. Modmakers can therefore assign custom animation sequences to the use of specific item abilities.

TobEx fixes a bug introduced somewhere between builds 22941 and 23037 of Shadows of Amn, whereby SPSTURNI.VVC was no longer played each time a spell is bounced off a creature who had spell turning

Throwing Weapon Animations
Option: TobEx gives the option of enabling the use of item ability slash %, backslash %, and jab % fields for ranged weapons equipped

#2 (0x002) Cure: Sleep [2]
TobEx fixes this effect opcode so that it correctly removes the Sleep effect opcode

#272 (0x110) Spell: Apply Repeating EFF [272]
TobEx fixes a bug with the repeating effect opcode where a creature with multiple instances of disease, poison, wing buffet, regeneration [#25, #78, #98] and/or repeating effect [#272] opcodes would only have the highest frequency instance applied

#303 (0x12F) Spell Effect: Backstab On Condition [303]
TobEx adds parameter 2 values 2 and 4
parameter 2:
0 Normal conditions (attacker must be invisible, attacker must be in 90-degree arc behind victim)
1 Ignore invisible requirement and positioning requirement (backstab every hit)
2 Ignore invisible requirement only (backstab every hit from behind. NEW)
4 Ignore positioning requirement only (backstab every hit when invisible. NEW)

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