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Party and their proficiencies

Hello, i am ready for a new playthrough with SCS mod. I decided to go with this party:
- berserker 13 / mage (decided to dual at 13 because otherwise i get to high thaco)
- minsc (i always pick him)
- Yoshimo (for traps/locks and quest)-> imoen (i always pick her)
- jaherae (cool combination)
- aerie (never played her before, i wanna try cleric/mage)
- haerdalis (never played him before, want him for that use any item)

Now how to assign proficiencies to them ? What i got so far is this:

- berserker/mage - longsword (for that MR lowering sword), katanas (celestial fury), else is a blank
- minsc - 2 handed sword, flail, halberd, what else ?
- imoen - dart, bow, short sword, dagger (she will use only ranged weapons)
- jaherae - club, what else ?
- aerie - dart, bow, short sword, dagger (she will use only ranged weapons)
- haerdalis - starts with short swords, i want 2 handed sword for Carsomyr and Gram, bastard for Purifier, basicly i want him to have high MR, also warhammers since he will need that 25 strength for lower thaco

Also i am deciding between making sword of gram and swort sword of mask +5. Both drain levels which could come in handy but u can only make 2 of those items. This time i will play without ascension, next time i will play with ascension and i noticed level draining could be usefull for yagashura in last fight, so what do u say ?


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