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Promo - PnP Vision, Light spells, and torch [HCR]

GrymlordeGrymlorde Member Posts: 121
PnP Vision, Light, & Torch ReadMe (compatible with 1.69 and Enhanced Edition)

Do you find NWN's dungeons, dark & deep to be… not so dark? Ever wonder why blind characters can still see? Or why a character shrouded in darkness can still see? Or for that matter, wonder why BioWare interpreted darkvision as literally ‘darkened vision’ instead of being able to see normally in the dark?!? Or maybe you just want to use the D&D 3rd edition definitions of vision, light spell, continual light spell, and torches instead? Grymlorde’s PnP Vison, Light, & Torch override & hak to the rescue!!! Now humans must always use a light source, dwarves & half-orcs can see just fine in the dark, and when a PC is blinded, they really are blinded (unless pressing the tab key which gives them infravision, wait, what?!?)!

Modified fx_light_clr.mdl:

Ultravision is tripled to a 45 meter radius. Color is now bright white.
Darkvision one-half of Ultravision (increased from 15 to 22.5 meters). Color is now normal white
Low-Light vision is increased to one-half of Darkvision/one-quarter of Ultravision (from 11 to 11.25 meter radius). Color is now dim white.
Human/Halfling "vision" is now pitch black, thus forcing them to use light spells or torches when in the dungeon (7 meter radius to 0). Color changed from very dark gray to true black.

Light spell and Continual Light spells Color and brightness changed from bright white to dim yellow

Torch Color and brightness changed from normal yellow to dim yellow

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