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Hill's Edge - Forgotten Realms - Persistant World [EE]

OldfogOldfog Member Posts: 8

Hill's Edge is still under development and we will soon open up the gates officially!

Welcome one and all to Hill's Edge! We are a roleplay heavy, lower magic focused server stationed in the heart of the Sunset Vale, in the small city of Hill's Edge as a centric focus. With a goal to provide a strong, supportive RP environment, laced with a mixture of various approaches from DMs be it gothic horror, indepth campaign, or ambient expression, Hill's Edge aims to bring a melting pot of encounters, interactions, and stories to life within our server walls.

Hill's Edge is the name of a small city located in the Sunset Vale. It's the home of prospectors, gold washers, trappers, hunters, adventurers, merchants, thieves, craftsmen and farmers.

The Sunset Vale encompasses all the lands between the arcing arms of the River Reaching and the upper Chionthar and the natural wall formed by the Sunset Mountains and the Far Hills. third largest, often overlooked city, is Hill's Edge, gateway to the Backlands.

Here, adventurers journey into the depths of the Reaching Woods, explore old Netheril Ruins beneth the ground or descend deep into Old Age, a flooded mine under Hill's Edge. Some take work from the powerful merchant houses and tries to climb the ladder of politics and society, while others oppose them. Some take part in the various faiths and religions and fight their rivals while others plot their next moves in shady taverns...

Want to know more about Hill's Edge? Check out our detailed Player's Guide! It gives information about the setting, the changes to spells and feats, our limitations on class selections, or our improvements to classes, our special features, and a great deal more!

Visit our forum at
Join our discord at:

Hill's Edge Trailer


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