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Could a modder make winged characters ( Eryines) with this file? (adopt a mod?)

MasterteoMasterteo Member Posts: 111
As the title says.

At this link there is a very old mod that adds wings to a character. The modder (read the readme) was more than agreeable in having other people using his mod as a resource.

So, is there a modder that could implement this already existed wings mod ?

Like, removing the already existing limitations ( elves only, mod works as an item to be put in shield slot )

Adding other animations, like wings that move slightly by themselves while a char walks or stand idle ?

Adding more demon-like wings for roleplaying tanar'ri characters?

...adding maybe an animated tail, to complete the devil appaerance?


  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 295
    This mod is already integrated into SoD AFAK. The enigmatically underdeveloped Caelar side-kick Lady uses the wings.

    As for other races, sure, could be done but you'd probably have to build and animate the wings from scratch. I think it is highly unlikely anyone would bother doing that.
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