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Difference between Pc and İpad version?

Hi everyone, if i bought the ipad version, is there difference about game length or grapical interface or charachter costomization between pc version?


  • Kang54Kang54 Member Posts: 58
    I am 99.9% sure that there's no difference in length, character customization or anything like that. There will be some GUI differences though. I have read of at least two new buttons: One for quicksave and one that works like tab on the PC, ie it'll show all interaction areas on the screen in blue outline, like chests and doors.

    You also can't get any mods on the iPad, nor make any changes to the game files (removing the experience cap for example). Mods might come at some point, but not soon I think. I don't know if the console will be available on the iPad.

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