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Looking for players for a Ice wind dale II series on YouTube

CraftyAmigoCraftyAmigo Member Posts: 1
Hello all, My name is CraftyAmigo and I'm looking for players to record some Icewind Dale II with. It will be heavy on the RP so keep that in mind. If you happen to have your own YouTube channel that would be even better but it's certainly not a requirement, and don't worry about sub counts I only have like 9 subs. If you're interested please post here and feel free to PM me as well. here's a link to my channel, have an awesome day.


  • humanisthumanist Member Posts: 4
    Hello Amigo, if you are still up to some roleplaying I am in. Just that I don't really play Icewind Dale, but maybe we could try Baldur's Gate ? Best regards
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