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Export Button Gone - BGEE IOS

angfonzangfonz Member Posts: 1
I just finished BG:EE for the first time, and intended on importing my characters for BG2:EE, both on IOS.

Throughout my playthrough there was always an Export Character button when loading the game up. This button has since vanished after I completed the game.

I deleted all my saves back through before I entered into Sarevok's room, thinking that would clear it up. It didn't.

I was able to long press the quicksave button and save a .bg1save file onto my phone. I used file sharing through itunes to drop that onto BG2:EE but that didn't work either. Nothing appears in the Import list in BG2:EE.

So like, how do I get my dudes into the next game?

Thanks in advance.

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