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Install & Mod Help request/question

Hello all, with the re-invention of the Baldur's Gate games into the Enhanced Editions, is there a particular way to install them that is different than the standard purchase platform, that you purchased them from? I.E.- I purchased my through Beamdog and then downloaded them and then was asked to find the location where I wanted to install them. The installer defaulted to the C: drive. I chose my D: drive.

I dislike installing games to the C: drive as I only install my operating system there. That being said, when I installed BG1EE- SoD and BG2 EE to my D: drive, I cannot install any mods that change aspects of the game not related to sounds and character portraits. Any mod that changes game files or spells, or character interaction, game items or banter...etc, etc. I get errors in both games. This is the error that pops up: Iconv.exe -System Error 'Code execution cannot proceed because libiconv2.dll was not found.' I can install portrait mods and sound-sets as they are just dragged & dropped into their perspective folders. But once I click on mod-.exe and pick my Language and then chose No to the Readme, the error pops up about not finding the libiconv2.dll.

If anyone can point me to an install procedure for the games that will allow some modding, that would be spectacular. I am trying to install the games on my Desktop, I also have a gaming laptop and have all of the Enhanced Edition games installed on it, and all are modded with narry a hitch.

I have windows 10.
I use 7-Zip to extract to a Game Mod folder then copy the two files, Named-Mod folder and the .exe file into the BG2EE directory.
My antivirus is not the issue as I have the folders I put my games into excluded from Vipre.

Thank you in advance for your help, luck and loot and may all of your loincloths be a +1.

(Slayer of all Ritz crackers)

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