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Lost special ability cure wounds

While I was rounding up bandits in chapter 3 on level 5, I suddenly have lost my (2 instances of) special ability 'cure wounds' that are granted during the dreams. Reputation is high (17), don't know when it happened exactly, noticed it when trying to apply them just before a rest.

In the previous save they were still there. No special encounters since then, just the normal bandits and the stronger archer bandits in the area SE of Friendly Arms Inn.


  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 6,446
    Do you use scripts? If so your charname may have used them up during the battle. Are they restored after resting?

  • LottiLotti Member Posts: 66
    You are right, I feel pretty stupid now.
    The abilities button was blacked, but that was because everything was used.
    In Pillars of Eternity it would be enabled and show the ability with zero instances, different logic.

  • MalicronMalicron Member Posts: 629
    Ah, Pillars of Eternity. A so-so story, but a fantastic game mechanically. Probably the closest thing to a D&D 5e game we're going to get.

    Imagine Baldur's Gate in PoE's engine...

  • LottiLotti Member Posts: 66
    So, after a rest that restores our morale, we head into the direction of the bandit camp.
    We meet some bandits, and this seems to become a serious fight.
    A powerful bandit, Mr T. What's his name assaults our group, while we are positioned in a firing line.
    While Jaheira starts her blessing, I take my halberd to face him and the bowmen load their arrows of ice, Dynaheir decides that this may warrant a shot with her recently found wand of fire.
    From the left flank, she fires at Mr T. at the right flank....
    .... and nukes Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc and me, killing two and leaving the rest of us and Mr. T with about 5 hitpoints.
    At least, now I know I have had a vision of what he looks like.

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