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Long sword models to Steam?

I'm new to Steam and know next to nothing about it, so when I saw that there were a ton of sample long sword models uploaded by BD to the Steam Workshop, I have a few questions.

1: If this new stuff is loaded to Steam, do you have to have the Steam version of the game to use them? If so are these new look swords going to be added to BD's game as well??

2: What is the Steam Workshop and how is it found? I have Steam but have only ever bought one game from them and didn't like the game so haven't used them in years.

3: I bought the EE:DD game from BeamDog and now have a handful of keys for stuff on Steam. Do I need the Steam version of the game as well to use the keys?? Is this stuff (music, portraits, and the like) included in the BeamDog version as well some how??

Thanks for any help with this all!




  • DerpCityDerpCity Member, Moderator Posts: 303
    1. I haven't tested it, but I'd assume the non-Steam version isn't set to check for content from the Steam Workshop. I'm unsure if they plan to add the improved models to the base game, though they did say that any future content that wasn't just a remodel of old stuff was going to be of that quality. It would be nice if the model overrides were put on the neverwintervault for the non-steam users, though.

    2. When you open Steam and enter the Library tab, you should see NWN in your list of games. Clicking it should show you a "friends who play the game" box, assuming you have people friended on steam, a DLC box, and just below that the Steam Workshop. You can either click "browse the workshop" or, while its the newest addition to the workshop, simply click the Long Swords link. Once there, you may click Subscribe to add it to your game.

    3. The Beamdog version of Digital Deluxe only has one key, which includes all the content associated with it. On Steam, there is a dropdown menu at the very top of the window titled "Games". The second button there should be "Activate a Product on Steam," which should open up a smaller window that, after pressing the "Next" and "I agree" buttons, should ask you to input your keys. Copy and paste each code one at a time into the box (aka, put one in and hit next). After you put in each key, I think it'll then ask to confirm if you really want to install the game or something, but it should be easy sailing from there.

    Hope this helps!

  • grom56grom56 Member Posts: 100
    Helped a lot DerpCity, thanks! Though I still have to figure out if all the Steam Keys I have line up with stuff that is already in the EE-DD game from BeamDog... Oh well.... Not a fan of having two versions of the same game, that are so different in small but maybe important ways....

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