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BG2 EE - SoA final save and ToB question

Hey guys. I just finished SoA yesterday and I am about to start ToB but I wanted to install few more mods before that. The problem is I want to do that before starting the new game because sometimes mods don't work when installed after u start the game /for example I installed botomless bag of holding while I was playing BG1 EE and it never worked for most bags/. Now I wonder how to do that when ToB started immediately after I finished SoA. I thought I can delete the ToB save and just transfer the final save from SoA again but for some reason the final save is not actually so final - it is made when u enter the final area and not when u finish the game. Is there actually a way to get a real final save with that amulet that u get or should I just try to make a manual save after the final battle but before all the cut scenes/if that's even possible/ ?


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 501
    Yeah i noticed the same thing and not just in BG2, it's the same for BG1 and i believe also for SoD. Had to manually save over the top of the not so final, final save, to make it an actual final save.

  • HenryNYHenryNY Member Posts: 42
    kaiten said:

    the final save is not actually so final - it is made when u enter the final area and not when u finish the game.

    The game auto saves when you do area transitions to a different game level (not within the same level). And the very final battles in SoA occur in the same level. So, you naturally only get one auto save for all of those final battles you fought or skipped.

    The very final point where you can do a quick/manual save is when you are about to start the final phase of the final battle, i.e., activate the very last inactive "eye."

    With EE, I think SoA and ToB are already merged into a single game, meaning SoA is already a permanent part of ToB despite that you are still allowed to skip the first 7 chapters.

    By your description about how your mods do not work, I believe you are already too late. On the one hand, if a mod works with any game save, then you don't need to load a certain final save to make it work. On the other hand, if a mod works only on the items that have not/never been loaded into your inventory, then even if you have a final save, it still won't work with the items already in your inventory.

  • kaitenkaiten Member Posts: 16
    Yep it seems the games are connected even though you can start ToB any time you want. I tried to import the "final save" just for science and only my main character was imported - no companions so I guess that won't work anyway even if I had a proper save. The mod that I wanted to install is max hp for all creatures - it is part of Tweaks Anthology. I installed it anyway though and then I did once more the final battle so I can start chapter 8 with the mod installed already. I hope it is going to work !

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